Monday, November 26, 2012

Private Sesh

I first learned about Spotify via Mark Zuckerberg, who introduced the idea to me after explaining that open graph on Facebook would be so totally awesome that you might never have to speak with people again. I thought, "Hey, cool, thanks friend. I was super concerned with the election coming up next year that I might not get an accurate count of people voting or, even worse, might not understand their levels of enthusiasm ( I VOTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but the Timeline, the Newsfeed, and apps have really opened new doors for me."

I wasn't super stoked about the idea of publicizing my music choices on Facebook. Then I got great news from Spotify, "Don't worry, you can 'Private-Sesh' that shiz". Listening to Cher 'Believe' again? Private Sesh. Music choice lack diversity and you only play one song probably Rihanna but that's okay no one's judging (but maybe they are)? Private Sesh. So I was sesh-ing it left and right, but then I feel like it got weird.

Like, "Bob was listening to Holy Ghost but now he's in a private session." WHAT is Bob doing in there, in this private session of his? Not to mention the fact that the private session icon look like a total pervert. It's a picture of this guy in a fedora with black glasses on. What kind of private session does that look like? When I see a guy like that in real life I'm not like, "Oh, he must be hiding his music preferences."

PS. I will be blogging again.

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