Thursday, September 2, 2010

Whenever I pass him I use my "hey" move.

My building has enough young people in it that sometimes I pretend I'm living in my own apartment with cool roommates: like when you play house in preschool but this is my real life. I'll be in the elevator with some people around my age and I'll take out my keys and go to my apartment like it's no big deal and I'm certainly paying rent; sometimes I'll even say "Hey" because whatever.

A couple months ago a fucking hot guy moved in next to me. I know because my mom told me. Whenever I pass him I use my "hey"move. Oh, I'm just unlocking my apartment:"hey." I see you're standing by the elevator on Saturday night. You may have noticed I'm standing here too. It's because I'm going out and will probably have a lot of fun. I'm like that: "hey."

So I was getting ready to go over to my friend's house last night and my mom told me the shirt I had been wearing all day was ugly and I should change. This really hurt my feelings so I told her as I left. After I had opened the door into the hallway and saw my hot neighbour hanging out by the elevator, and this is not a fucking joke, she screams: "ANTONIA, YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY!"


  1. First thing, I'm a journalist for the Independent on Sunday looking to do a case study on those aged 20-30 who still live with their parents. Don't take this the wrong way, but is this the case with you? Sorry to sound a bit abrupt!



  2. @DanRead, living with your parents is so trendy. I do it, too. @Antonia, I love how you said he was hot b/c your "mom told you." LOL!! Has he seen your parents go into the same apt.?