Monday, September 13, 2010

Enough of this charade.

An angry rabbit.
Recently I was talking with someone about running and they shared this interesting tidbit with me: Apparently, there is a tribe of Native Americans who, instead of hunting down animals with weapons, run after them until the weakest animal, exhausted, collapses.

OK. Let me just repeat this: They run after four-legged animals until one animal is like, "fuck it, this is ridiculous" and just dies because they have literally had enough of this running bullshit.

Is this effective? Like if you had to set up two tribes against one another and bet who would win, would you pick the one with arrows or the ones that were like: we have great stamina.

This running just seems like the MOST ineffective way to hunt in the entire wold. In the little bit of research I did before posting this, everyone was super impressed by their running skills. I'm sorry to be such a downer, but um, they don't actually need to run this much. WHAT ABOUT THEIR HUNTING SKILLS? I am not impressed. It's not it's even more humane. Not only do they kill the rabbit but they're super mean and insulting first. If I were a rabbit I just wouldn't run. I would be like, "No, you run. Enough of this charade."

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